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Spirulina is one of the most powerful superfoods in the world...
Spirulina is a concentrated food supplement derived from Spirulina Platensis, a blue-green algae.One of the active ingredients in Spirulina is a Biliprotein called C-Phycocyanin (C-PC), which has pharmacological properties.According to some reports, Spirulina has a positive impact on allergies, anemia, cholesterol, elevated blood sugar, viral infections, inflammatory conditions, liver damage,immunodeficiency, cardiovascular diseases and cancer.I highly recommend you look into this one. It's one of my favorites! I use it daily for good health.Add to your favorite smoothie, sprinkle on your salad or in soup, stir into fruit or vegetable juices. Continue reading

Get Glowing Smoothie

Get Glowing Smoothie
It not only tastes amazing (like a thin mint cookie), but it has
the most beneficial ingredients for healthy, radiant skin!
Our Skincare Mantra: Beautiful, healthy skin starts from

8 oz. almond or plant-based milk of choice ( I love Oat milk)
1/2 frozen ripe banana
1 to 2 dates
1 tbsp organic almond butter
1 tsp organic cacao nibs
2 tsp organic cacao powder
1 scoop Organic Protein Powder 
Fresh Mint

Combine all ingredients in a Vitamix or any high-speed blender and pulse until combined. Start
your day with a boost! Continue reading

Health Benefits of Dates

Health Benefits of Dates
Dates, not only taste delicious, they are also an excellent way to absorb
antioxidants, fight inflammation and more.

Did you know that DATES:
Promote Good Digestion & Healthy Eliminations
Are Rich In Antioxidants To Fight Inflammation & Support Heart
Improve Brain Health & Function
Are a Healthy Alternative to Refined Sugars
Are a Source of Vital Minerals for Bone Health
Are a Concentrated Source of Iron
Support Healthy, Radiant & Youthful Skin
Aid in Blood Sugar Regulation
Prevent Night Blindness & Preserves Healthy Vision Continue reading