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OSEA Age-Defying Travel Kit


Your Best Skin High performance favorites to elevate your daily skincare routine. A daily dose for your complexion. Head to toe hydration protects against extreme climates and environmental pollution. Dullness is buffed away to reveal clear, radiant skin.

Ocean Cleansing Milk : Creamy , Soothing Cleanser with Organic Seaweed, Water Lily and Rose 

Sea Vitamin Boost Age Defying and Nourishing Mist : Organic seaweed, Pomegranate and Resveratrol

Essential Hydrating Oillluminating Facial Oil with Organic Jojoba , Geranium and Lavender 

Advanced Protection Cream Ultra Rich, Anti Aging Moisturizer with Organic Seaweed, DPHP and Macademia Oil 

Vegan, Non toxic, Gluten free