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Starflower Bright Eyes Regenerative Eye Creme

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A healing, refreshing crème for nighttime repair and daytime protection assuring a firm and supple appearance around the eyes. Bright Eyes Crème contains organic herbal extracts of eye bright and chamomile, organic aloe vera, royal jelly, organic borage, comfrey, black currant seed oil, and regenerative essential oils such as chamomile, neroli, palma rosa, carrot and fennel. This delicate formula absorbs so readily into the small pores around the eyes, and because of its toning and firming ingredients, will help relieve fluid retention under the eyes (puffiness). If you wear foundation or mineral powders around the eyes, Bright Eyes Crème blends well and is a great base for a smooth flawless appearance.


For all skin types, fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, aging skin. 


  • Highly-nutritive essential fatty acid oils of organic borage and black currant seed combine with herbal extracts and rare essential oils to soothe, tone, and give elasticity to the delicate tissue around the eyes.
  • Organic herbs and essential oils tone and firm tissue, reducing puffiness and water retention.


Monatomic mineral water; witch hazel, organic aloe vera gel, organic oils of borage, black currant seed, evening primrose, jojoba, comfrey, olive squalene; organic herbs of eyebright, chamomile, comfrey leaf & root; royal jelly; organic essential oils, including chamomile, neroli, palma rosa; rosemary & grapefruit seed extracts.