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Starflower Chamomile Rose Moisturizer


Creamy, lightweight aroma-therapeutic moisturizer for deep absorption availability. Anti-aging rose and chamomile essential oils deliver oxygen and encourage harmony within the capillary action of the skin. Herbal extracts such as calendula, chamomile and comfrey heal scar tissue, are anti-inflammatory, astringent, demulcent and emollient. The best organically grown ingredients for the face because of their small molecular size and anti-aging qualities such as borage, hemp and jojoba oils, aloe vera gel, monatomic mineral water complex, herbal extracts and Vitamins C and E.

For dry, sensitive, dehydrated, inflamed or sunburned skin, wrinkles; mature skin 


  • Contains monatomic mineral water for high absorption of vitamins and minerals (extract from ancient lake bed of Lake Bonneville in Colorado).
  • Small molecular oil base for quick absorption, such as organic borage oil which is high in omega 6 and GLA.
  • Organic Chamomile and Rose Essential oils bring oxygen anti-inflammatory, harmonizing influence to capillary action.
  • Calendula soothes, stimulates new cell tissue and blood circulation.
  • Comfrey heals scar tissue, is anti-inflammatory, astringent, demulcent and emollient.


  • Oxygenated mineral water, organic aloe vera; distilled witch hazel; organic calendula, chamomile, comfrey lf. & root; glycerine, organic oils of borage; almond, Co2 extract calendula,Co2 extract rose hips, jojoba, sea buckthorn; shea butter; organic essential oils of roman and blue chamomile, rosewood, sandalwood, palmarosa, ylang ylang, geranium, rose absolute, patchouli ; organic raw honey; colloidal silver & gold; lecithin; royal jelly; green tea extract; vitamin C & E; rosemary seed extract, grapefruit seed extract, xanthan gum.