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Starflower Lavender Gold Face Creme

Highly-absorbent emollient oils and regenerative herbs provide effective daily moisture protection while stimulating balance and tone. Lavender Gold has sun-protection properties and organic essential oils to stimulate the skin’s natural functions. Antioxidants and vitamin E slow free radical-induced deterioration of the skin’s natural fatty acids. Our synergistic formula encourages harmony and cell regeneration deep within the skin’s layers to aid in anti-aging and elasticity.


For normal to combination skin. 



  • Contains rare, wild-harvested herbs that deliver highly vital nutrients and moisture protection.
  • Crème made with cold pressed oils and mixed raw without heating above 112 degrees.
  • Vitamin E – A potent antioxidant that slows the aging process, regenerates and heals. An effective scar healer.
  • Calendula – Promotes blood circulation and is anti-inflammatory. Promotes fast healing.
  • Essential Oil of Lavender - Helps to soothe, balance and hydrate skin.


Purified water; organic cold pressed virgin olive oil, almond oil, coconut, shea nut oil, calendula oil; organic/biodynamically grown and wild-harvested herbs of calendula, elder, hollyhock, rose petals, self heal, chickweed, lavender; organic rose and lavender water; organic beeswax; colloidal gold; vitamin E (sunflower derived); beta carotene; calendula absolute; organic essential oil of lavender, geranium, carrot; rosemary extract.