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Starflower Rose Gold Lip Creme

Effective for all lips in need of protection from the elements. Soothing and emollient, Rose Gold Lip Crème nourishes and smoothes while offering superb sun, cold, and dry weather protection. Only the highest quality Bulgarian rose essential oil is used. This crème is a highly-effective treatment for dry and chapped lips and for wrinkles and fine lines which form around the mouth. For plumping, use in conjunction with Royal Rejuve Hydrating Serum.


Effective for all lips in need of protection from the elements, dry, chapped, fine lines and mature skin. 



  • Rose Damascena – One of the world’s best ingredients for fine lines around the mouth.
  • Calendula – Healing, soothing protection. Stimulates formation of new tissue in fine line repair.
  • Marshmallow & Comfrey – Synergistic blend contains mucopolysaccharides for effective cell therapy.
  • Vegetable Waxes – Natural, noncomedogenic, skin enhancing for best moisture barrier.


Organic oils of jojoba, apricot, almond, borage, rose hip seed; beeswax; organic shea butter; organic extracts of calendula, comfrey, marshmallow; organic rare essential oils; olive squalene; beta carotene; vitamin E; rosemary seed extract. All ingredients are food grade and safe, if ingested. Contains no chemicals.